Blue Pearl Theatrics Children's Theater Program

About Us


Our Mission


Our mission  is to educate and empower children and teens through the performing arts. 

We provide a platform which acts as a liaison to the careers of young performers.  Utilizing confidence building techniques, and encouraging teamwork through our productions help students to embrace their authenticity and unique attributes,  while discovering their passions. 

We believe every child deserves a chance to shine and develop their talents.


In a Nutshell

Our theater program empowers children and adolescents ages 5-17 years old while fully engaging their imaginations as they cultivate their acting abilities, perform exciting dance routines,  and design beautiful props and set backdrops from scratch.


Our Theater Class Curriculum

During our workshops, children will build confidence, self esteem, learn character development techniques, acting fundamentals, and scene study which prepares the students for the spotlight.   

The students also receive instruction in dance choreography that will be incorporated into the upcoming show, culminating in a performance within New York City's theater district in Midtown Manhattan. 

Our stress-free environment is knowing your child is already in the show upon registration. The first class allows us to get a feel for your child's capabilities, personality and passion for the arts.